Caren Griffin, Owner

Caren began her career with the Coors Brewing Company for 10 years, mostly in Market Research and New Product Development, while completing her BBA from the University of Denver. She advanced to a Market Research Consulting Firm in Denver for 3 more years before traveling the world in 1990 with Semester at Sea. Caren went on to work in Market Research Special Projects at Disney before studying abroad in Paris, London, and Heidelberg, Germany. After earning her MBA in International Business, Caren made a career transition and, for 2 years, chose to work for Aveda, a company that truly understands the value of cultural influences as they relate to holistic health in a global way. In 1996, Caren launched Spa Universaire with a) the knowledge that stress relief is a major contributor to health and well-being, and b) knowing other cultures may not have the U.S. technology, but do have the wisdom on how to manage stress and prevent disease. In 2006, a second location was opened at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center in Denver. Researching spas around the world while promoting the multi-cultural dimensions of stress relief and the benefits spa therapists bring to the world of health continues to be Caren’s passion and pursuit.

Caren is a member of the Golden Triangle Association, the Golden Triangle Museum District, and VISIT DENVER (Colorado Tourism Bureau). She has been a board member of the largest Massage Therapy School in Colorado, Colorado School of Healing Arts.