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Popular Appointment Times

When do you recommend booking appointments in advance?

We encourage booking holidays, weekends and evenings in advance. To receive the optimum time you want, and the spa treatment you desire, we suggest reserving a spa appointment several days in advance and spa packages at least two weeks in advance. We will always go the extra mile to accommodate your request. We require a credit card number to reserve your appointment.


What is your cancellation policy on spa services?

  • At least 24 hours notice for spa appointments
  • 48 hours notice on all spa packages
  • 72 hours cancellation notice on all groups of 3 people or more
  • One week cancellation notice on groups of 3 people or more with packages

Should you be unable to make the cancellation requirements, we will do one of the following depending upon the circumstances:

  • Reschedule your appointment time
  • If you are unable to reschedule we can:
    a) Issue a Gift Certificate
    b) Provide a Product Credit
  • Charge your credit card in full (Values are at management discretion)

SPA Preparation

What can I do to prepare for the best experience?

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing – spa fashion consists of robes, slippers and hair ties
  • Drink lots of water to flush out toxins and to maximize that rejuvenated feeling after your visit
  • Make sure your appointment time has been confirmed with you via phone call or email, if not please contact us at 303-486-4575
  • Make sure you have directions or access as we want to make sure to honor your reserved time


When do you recommend arriving early?

To receive the maximum benefits of your stress-relieving spa experience, we ask that you arrive:

  • 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete your Lifestyle Consultation Form, change into your spa robe and slippers, enjoy a specialty herbal tea and start de-stressing with a hot aroma towel.
  • 30 minutes if you are with a group so you can comfortably socialize with everyone in your entourage
  • 45 to 60 minutes if you wish to use the indoor swimming pool or outdoor hot tub (make sure to bring swim attire)

Parking Garage

Where should I park? Do you offer discounted parking?

If you are driving you can use street parking or Guest Parking at the Hyatt Regency located at 650 15th Street.  The Garage is located at 14th and Welton. 

For a discounted rate, make sure to bring your white parking ticket (from the automated ticket machine).  This rate includes time spent at the spa, pool or hot tub.  Please note:  The special discounted rate does not include Valet Parking or time spent at the hotel lounge, restaurant, coffee shop or any other local business.

Take the parking elevators in the garage to the first floor of the Hyatt Regency Lobby and proceed to the Front Desk for a Guest Access Card.

Spa Check-In

How do I access the Spa & Fitness Center to check in?

Hyatt Regency Hotel Guests:
You will need your room key for entrance into the Fitness Center on the 5th Floor.

If you are not a Hotel Guest:  
Go to the Hyatt Regency Front Desk in the Hotel Lobby.  Let the Front Desk Hotel Agent know you are a Spa Guest for Spa Universaire.  The Agent will provide you with a Guest Access Card for the Guest Elevators.  Proceed to the Fitness Center on the 5th Floor.

Using the Fitness Center Lockers:
Once you have changed into your robe and slippers, please make sure your locker is securely locked (red flashing light) as Spa Universaire is not responsible for any personal belongings.

Have Questions? We’re here to help:  
Should you have any questions, feel free to call us at 303-486-4575.  In the meantime, we look forward to caring for you!

Spa Etiquettes

Are there spa rules to ensure I have a relaxing experience?

  • We try to keep all noises and sounds at a minimum, so if you would kindly speak softly in your “Spa Voice.”
  • Ideally cell phones are to be turned off, but if you need to make a call, please check with our Guest Services Desk and they will take you to an area where you can talk freely and comfortably.
  • If you have limited availability for your spa service or you are on a strict timetable, simply notify our Spa Coordinator and we will be happy to do an “Express Check-Out” for you.
  • Should you ever have any questions about your Spa Service or our Spa Amenities, feel free to ask our Spa Coordinator or any one of our Spa Therapists.

Spa Checkout

Is there anything I should consider at checkout?

Before exiting the spa make sure you have coats, handbags, and belongings before you check-out at the front desk. Please be aware that your spa therapist may make a product recommendation for you to create your own “At Home Spa” experiences and these products are available for purchase.

The forms of payment that can be used are:

  • Cash
  • Gift Certificates
  • All major credit cards are accepted

Should you choose to pay with a credit card, please make sure to bring it with you for security purposes.

Gratuities can be paid by credit card or by cash. Gratuity envelopes are provided for your convenience.

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