Award-winning Massages with a Consultative Approach Uniquely Tailored for You

Signature CBD Massage

Peace of Mind, Peace on Earth

Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


  • Local award-winning CBD-infused product
  • Experience profound calm and relaxation
  • Provides relief from pain and muscle tension
  • Antioxidants reduce inflammation and restore equilibrium
  • Combined with essential oils for super hydration
  • Improves sleep

Custom Ayurvedic Massage

Your Dosha Design

Spa Time 70 Minutes

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation
  • Determine Dosha:  Vata, Pitta, Kapha or a Combination
  • Experience designed for your unique mind/body constitution
  • Product developed and manufactured in Breckenridge, CO

Swedish Massage

The Stress Reliever

Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


  • Promotes relaxation
  • Increases flexibility
  • Long gliding and horizontal strokes using palm pressure

Deep Tissue Massage

Into the Depths of Your Being

Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


  • Targeted to release chronic muscle tension
  • Alleviates pain
  • Greater vertical pressure to reach deeper layers within the muscles
  • May incorporate Trigger Point Therapy based on needs and wants of the individual client

TAO Integrative Massage

Best of All Worlds

Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


  • A balance of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage catered to the individual
  • A choice of either medium pressure
  • Or Swedish Massage with targeted Deep Tissue techniques in one or two focus area

A Mile High Hot Stone Massage

The Rocky Mountain

Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


  • Warmed stones & oil melt away tension
  • Provides significant relaxation
  • Increases blood flow to improve healthy circulation
  • Eases muscle stiffness to relieve aches and pains

    A Pre-Natal Massage

    Mother Earth’s Dream

    Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


    • Addresses the special needs and dramatic changes and of a mother-to-be
    • Experience involves extra comfort and nurturing
    • Improves body tone and blood circulation to relieve physical and mental fatigue
    • Enhances the function of muscles and joints
    • Prepares for the optimal health of a new mom and her baby
    • Attention given to bolstering, pressure and circumventing specific pressure points for this special condition

    Sports Massage

    Peak Performance

    Spa Time 50 Minutes

    • Helps to prevent injuries, prepare for athletic activity and promote recovery
    • Includes stretching & knowledge for before and after sports activities to maintain optimal physical conditioning
    • Releases lactic acid buildup
    • Promotes recoveries from workouts and injuries

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    Award Winning Apricot Oil

    Seduce your senses with this luxurious ultra-hydrating oil blended with and an assortment of essential oils leaving skin feeling soft and supple.


    eminence organic massage apricot oil

    Cinnamon Paprika Body Lotion

    Natural stimulating agents reduce visible signs of cellulite and aging. Carrot and calendula nourish and moisturize the skin.


    organic massage lotion

    Stone Crop Body Lotion

    Contains naturally healing stone crop, which reduces the appearance of unevenness to leave the skin looking years younger.


    stone crop massage lotion

    Advanced Stone Crop Body Oil

    This lightweight oil contains stone crop and arnica to soothe and soften dry skin. It is absorbed quickly leaving a matte satin finish.


    stone crop massage oil

    Award Winning Sugar Scrubs

    Choose between Coconut, Blueberry Soy, Cranberry Pomegranate or Stone Crop sugar scrubs. Advanced hydration good for all skin types.



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