Holistic Energy Balancing

Holistic Spa Treatments for Peace of Mind, Peace on Earth


A Zen Experience

Spa Time 30 Minutes (time options available)


  • Attention to specific pressure points in your feet
  • Unleashes blocked energy  that causes pain and discomfort
  • Leaves you feeling invigorated and energized

Marma Point

The Secret of Ancient Royalty

Spa Time 30 Minutes (time options available)


  • Concentrates on up to 40 pressure points on your head, face and scalp
  • Invigorates and increases awareness
  • Experience ultimate peace of mind
  • Named “Best Spa Adventure” by 5280 Magazine

Chakra Balancing

Good Vibrations

Spa Time 60 Minutes (time options available)


  • Opens the 7 wheels of energy called Chakras
  • Increases the flow of energy to improve the alignment of mind, body, spirit and emotions
  • Based on ancient Vedic knowledge



An Ayurvedic Awakening of the Third Eye

Spa Time 30 Minutes (time options available)


  • Herbal-infused elixir is poured over the center of your forehead
  • Reduces anxiety and encourages deep relaxation and sleep
  • Increases head and brain blood circulation to improve memory and concentration


Turkish Steam Therapy

A Desert Oasis

Spa Time 30 Minutes (time options available)


  • Where you are immersed in steam infused with essential oils to create the aromatherapy of your choice
  • Your head remains cool and dry where you will experience an extraordinary experience compared to other steams and saunas
  • Better than a sauna because your head stays cool and dry
  • Head massage (approximately 10 minutes) while you are resting comfortably
  • Cold compresses and water provided during your treatment

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