Organic Body Treatments with Exceptional Detox and Revitalization

European Fresh Sugar Scrub

The Revitalizer

Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


  • Choose between moisturizing coconut, blueberry or cranberry pomegranate antioxidants to refine and nourish your skin
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid gently exfoliates
  • Warm steam towels and dry brushing detoxify resulting in a healthy glow

Hungarian Organic Body Wrap

The Hydrator

Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


  • Eminence products famous for immediate and visible results after first treatment
  • Highly potent products derived from plants, fruits and herbs
  • Your choice between the age defying and antioxidant rich Blueberry Slimming Wrap, the anti-cellulite stimulating and firming ingredients of the Nourishing Mango Enzyme Wrap, or the super hydrating Stone Crop Contouring Wrap


Himalayan Salt Glow

The Detoxifier

Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


  • Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts which have been used for centuries detoxify your skin
  • Dry-brushing is used to exfoliate and boost your immune system via lymphatic stimulation
  • Salts are removed with warm towels (no need to shower) and essentials oils are applied to hydrate and seal in moisture for a healthy, supple glow

Egyptian Aromatherapy Body Wrap

Cleopatra’s Secret

Spa Time 50 Minutes (time options available)


  • A full body dry brush to exfoliate and prepare your skin for hydration
  • Your choice of essential oils are applied 
  • Head and scalp massage is performed while you are wrapped in warm towels


Seaweed Body Masque

The Purifier

Spa Time 70 Minutes (time options available)


  • Decongests and purifies stressed our troubled skin with natural astringents and calming herbs
  • Deep cleanses and normalizes skin to balanced condition
  • Includes Turkish Steam Therapy for detoxification and product penetration

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